Sunday, August 31, 2008

And... it begins

Wow.... The first blog to be published. Where to start? So I go by DJane and I actually created this blog in May '07. I know, created over a year ago but just now publishing a blog! Can we say lazy, procrastinator, busy? But seriously though, I have been living a very hectic life over the past year. I have wanted to blog for a while now but have had a hard time starting one. I have so many ideas that I guess I just got lost with where to start. Recently I have been reading a lot of other women's blogs and just fell in love with them. Some are so funny, others are full of great information and there are the ones that are just entertaining to read. That is when I decided to stop procrastinating set some time aside out of the busyness and start my blog. Instead of worrying over whether or not it will be perfect, I am just jumping in! :)

I know most of you who read this will think, it's about time you join the blogsphere. Funny thing is my kids and I have been teasing my parents lately for just now getting internet and a home computer. We are welcoming them into the world of technology.

Enjoy my blog!


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