Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why Blogging Momma?!

So now that I have begun my blog I figured I would take a moment to introduce myself and tell you why...

First to tell you a little about myself and my family. Of course I'm the mom, AKA DJane. I have high anxiety, act silly with the kids, stress to the max, am a planner, organizer, loving mother who is dedicated to my kids, straight A college student, gullible, outgoing and well... just me. I have three little ones that I am a single mother to. T is my oldest and she is 11, wow just typing that is so hard to believe, she has grown so fast. T is my brat drama queen, tomboy athletic, loud mouth full of life child. But on a positive note she is my big helper, my wonderful, well behaved daughter, all in all - my side kick. Then we have Gab who is the middle child at age 6. Gab was born with disabilities and even recently had major brain surgery. She is stubborn strong willed, a fighter spunky and a loner set in her ways/hard to tame. On another note she can be so lovable, caring, very bright at such a young age and just my little princess. Finally I have Noah who is my last child at the age of two. Noah is defiant TWO, pain in my rear, hyper active, gets into everything my high sprinted child. On top of it all he loves me, loves to cuddle, climbs into mine or his big sissy's bed every night and so adorable you can barely say no. My little ones are my life. They are why I get up in the mornings and although they drive me to the insane limit they always seem to pull me right back to sanity.

As I mentioned in my first post I have been wanting to publish a blog for a while now. I have many ideas that I want to do with my blog. Although I do own an online store and am a WAHM, this is not a business blog. I actually want to use this blog for mostly personal use to blog about my life as a mother in general. I will network with other mothers and other wahms. I love constructive criticism and great advice! I have been reading several other blogs that I just love. You can always check my Blog Roll to find out who they are. So why blogging momma? Well because this is who I am... Some blogs you will read from other moms might say they blog to help others, some blog to have that little bit of time to themselves to get their thoughts out and I have even heard the cutest thing which is it's Cheaper Than Therapy. All I can say is this blog might fall into all those categories but right now it is defiantly in addition to therapy... lol :)


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