Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Did It!

NaBloPoMo, I did it, blog award

I set a goal at the beginning of this year to blog more often. So I joined the NaBloPoMo and committed to blogging once a day for the month of January. I am proud to say, I did it. 31 posts in 31 days and the above badge is what I got to show for it. I won't say that the badge is ALL I got from blogging daily because it's not. I met lots of new bloggers by being more active with my blog and have developed some great relationships with other mothers. I also enjoy taking time on my blog and keeping everyone updated.

Highlights from the month of January:
Intro to Lilly
16 Random Facts
My Momism
Vlog Update
Braces Removal
BlissDom Here I come

Plus two awesome giveaways!
You Can Make This
Momma-Made Grand Opening

I have lots of exciting things planned for February, including a domain move to a new blog. Take the time to sign up for my newsletter so you can get the first hand sneak peek into what is going on. I am sure there will also be surprises inside my newsletters! The sign up form is on the top left hand side bar of this blog.

I am going to try to continue on my pattern of blogging daily. The topic this month for NaBloPoMo is WANT. Of course bloggers don't have to blog within the theme as long as they just post daily. February should be easier to achieve since there are only 28 days. We'll see...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fitness Friday

I will admit I have not done my duty at staying active on the Wii. Don't ask me how I got lost somewhere along the way... The other Wii Fit Mommies are wonderful and motivational! So to distract entertain you while I'm being lazy here is a video. I received this video in an e-mail and couldn't resist to pass it on. This cracks me up every time I watch it!


Now seriously I need to get my butt back on the Wii and start exercising!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

BlissDom Here I Come!

Besides being completely psyched about the opportunity to listen to all the brilliant women speak at BlissDom and learn some new knowledge during the conference, I am totally pumped to meet some of my {soon to be} non-exclusively-virtual friends! We have read each others blogs for months, tweeted on twitter for hours at a time and now will be able to meet face to face. How much better could it get?! BlissDom '09 will be the ultimate 'hen fest' and I can't wait to be a part of it. From conferences to cocktail parties to pajama bash... two days of excitement.

Of course if you have been around my blog for a while then you will remember this post and you know how I feel about flying. If not, take a glance back for your own amusement. I am going to try and stay focused on all my excitement brewing inside to keep my mind off of the steal object I am bottled in while it soars through the air. I am also going to try very hard not to jump and grab the person next to me each time the plane turns. Speaking of the person next to me... I e-met Amy through twitter and the blogosphere and we realized we only live less than an hour apart. Although we have not taken the time to meet we have decided to fly together to BlissDom. Honestly, as soon as I saw Amy tweet she was going to BlissDom I jumped on the opportunity to attach myself to her hip. That's right, my fear of flying is worse when flying alone. You could only imagine how giddy I was when Amy forwarded me her flight arrangements, then realizing I could get on the same flights! I am so looking forward to it...

I plan to pack the camera and the FLIP to be prepared to capture the moments on my trip. I am sure there will be plenty to 'snap' during the cocktail par-tay! I am hoping to be able to squeeze in some time to blog live from Nashville and will do my best to post some photos. Of course not to worry because as soon as I get home it will all be revealed!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Momma~Made Grand Opening Giveaway - CLOSED

momma-made, grand opening, giveaway

I am so excited to finally announce the Momma-Made Grand Opening!

I have been working on putting together Momma-Made since October '08. I created this on-line boutique to promote handmade items that are designed by work at home mothers. To kick off our Grand Opening I am hosting a giveaway. Just in time for Valentine's Day I thought this beautiful red handbag would be perfect!
To enter the giveaway browse Momma-Made and find which product you would love to have. Come back to this post and leave the item you just love in the comment section. Make sure you leave a way to be contacted in case you are the winner. Additional entries available; details below.
Contest ends February 4th at midnight

Numerous ways to gain extra entries into the contest below. Each action listed are considered extra entries which are completely optional. You must first leave your original entry in a comment as explained above to qualify for additional entries.

1. Tweet about this giveaway on twitter {leave link in comment} 1 entry

2. Blog about this giveaway on your blog {leave link in comment} 1 entry

3. Join our newsletter on the top left sidebar to receive behind the scenes news first hand {leave additional comment} 1 entry

4. Attend our Grand Opening virtual party at Mom Chats on Saturday, January 31st at 4:00 PM EST {leave comment saying you attended} 4 entries

5. Make a purchase at Momma-Made worth any value {leave separate comment} 5 entries

Again the additional entries into the contest are optional and not necessary to enter contest. We look forward to seeing you at our on-line party on Saturday!

Don't forget to visit us at Momma-Made and sign our guest book while you are there. Visit us often as we are still adding new products frequently. Know a mom who hand-makes products to sale? Have craft skills you want to put to good use? Contact us to place your items in our store. We are always looking for new products.

Want to enter some more great giveaways? Visit the bloggy giveaways carnival to find over 1000 more!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Toot

This week I am tootin' my own horn for starting Momma-Made. I started the store last November and am finally getting it going with the help of Brandy. I am so excited about the store and plan to post the Grand Opening Giveaway Announcement on my blog tomorrow. So come back and check it out.

I also have my newsletter setup so you can join. Very excited about that so don't forget to enter your email in the top left corner so you get all the new information especially before I move my blog which is going to happen soon. I am switching to WordPress.

Short post this week but either way toot - toot!

Monday, January 26, 2009

You Can Make This ~ Giveaway ~ CLOSED

I am so excited about this giveaway. I was lucky enough to interact on-line with Kim, the founder of You Can Make This at Rock Your Blog with Jessica Smith. Kim was able to share her excitement about her company with me. Kim is a mom who wanted to provide downloadable instructions on how to make just about anything from children's clothing and jewelry, to handbags, home decor and more. What makes You Can Make This unique is that these instructions are written by everyday moms {just like you and me} who have an expertise in an area. They are written in a way that makes you feel as if your friend is right next to you leading the way. They all have detailed instructions and step-by-step full-color photos so even the most "craft-challenged" {ME} person can make these items for their home and families. I was really excited to check out the site since I just recently learned how to make tutus, I thought what else could I try?... By joining to receive their FREE newsletter I received a free ebooks to try out for myself. You can subscribe to their newsletter here and receive all the product instructions pictured below for FREE, plus an on-line video and digital scrapbooking frame.

Along with the free instruction manuals that come with the newsletter I also have been given the opportunity to share a $50 bundle of even more DIY instructions with one lucky reader.

To enter the contest go to You Can Make This and find one thing you would love to learn how to make. Come back to this post and leave me a comment telling me what you found. I personally can't wait to start learning how to make the "She Loves Me, She Loves Me KNOT" Handbag. There are several others that I want to try with my daughter but I believe the handbag will be first. Now remember, even if you have never sewn before, You Can Make This is a site that is designed to truly show you how. They BELIEVE you REALLY CAN make these things!

Now of course this is a giveaway so there are also extra ways to gain entries. You must first post a comment letting me know an item you want to learn to make before working on additional entries.

Additional entries:

1. Tweet this blog post announcing giveaway and leave twitter link in comment

2. Subscribe to my newsletter in the upper left hand sidebar so you can be the first to see my handbag once it is complete, then leave additional comment

3. Blog about this giveaway on your own blog and post link within comments

Contest ends January 31st at midnight. Please make sure I have a way to contact you either through your blog profile or email address incase you are the winner!

Want to enter some more giveaways? Visit the bloggy giveaways carnival to find 100's more!

And the WINNER is:
Random Sequence Generator
Here is your sequence:

{there were 96 numbers but I cut it off to save room}
Diane from Mom to Monkeys
Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bloggy Bling!

I have been given two more awards this week for my blog. I love being thought of and receiving awards {even if they are work}. For both of these awards they came with rules of writing about myself. The first one says you must list six things that make you happy and the second award rules say you must list ten honest things about yourself. Since I recently wrote 16 random facts about myself {which happen to all be true} I thought I would combine these two awards and just list ten honest things that make me happy. How is that for bending the rules?

For starters, here are the awards and who was so nice to pass them on to me.
From Cynthia at Good Enough Witch I received:
hooked on your blog award, bloggy bling, blog award
From Jenn at The Coupon Coup I received:
honest scrap award, bloggy bling, blog award

Now to try and follow the rules by listing 10 honest things that make me happy.
1. I love cuddling with my kids. I am a very affectionate person in general but I am a sucker for a child who wants to sit in my lap or sleep right next to me.

2. I love networking on the computer via twitter and blogs. I have become a social media addict. I am honestly closer to my blog buddies then I am to my real life friends. Go figure...

3. I love taking photos. I always carry a camera and most the time I have my FLIP ready to capture short film.

4. Although I feel cheesy doing it, I have actually developed a love for vlogging.

5. I love to travel. Short trips or long trips, doesn't matter... I just love a getaway, especially to see a new place.

6. I love watching movies. I don't love all movies but I do enjoy drama, most comedy, most action and some suspense.

7. I love live music. I love listening to music in general but listening to music live is the best, especially all acoustic.

8. I love to dance. I am usually shy at first but truly have a love for dance.

9. I love to host dinner parties or cook outs. I love having company over for the day.

10. Even though I am high strung I love to relax. I am a romantic who would rather have a relaxing getaway to the mountains or stay indoors for a candlelight dinner, than paint the town.

Now to pass these awards on to others. I am going to bend the rules a little again. Don't hate me! The first set of rules said to pass the award on to five people and the second award didn't have a limit. So I am going to pass both of these awards on to the same five people. I figured if they are receiving an award from me then I must be hooked on their blog and would always love to hear more honest 'scrap' about them.
So here it goes:

1. iHeartFaces
2. Writings of a WAHM
3. Baby Tee
4. The Wise Young Mommy
5. An Ordinary Life

Saturday, January 24, 2009


As most of you may know I am pursuing my college degree. I am enrolled with University of Phoenix taking their online courses and I must admit that my student loans are piling up. One of my classmates was recently talking about how they literally get paid to go to school. He said he applied for enough scholarships that his college expense is covered plus extra to live on. My professor thought it would be a good idea if we all took time to apply for at least one scholarship so she actually created this as an assignment. Although this was an easy A to receive just by completion of assignment I also thought this was a great way to get motivated to continue on the search. Hearing this classmate's story I am determined to find some extra money laying around out there to help cover my expense. I took the free online scholarship search and plan to apply for as many as I can. Some companies require essays where some only require you to fill out a form. I have ran across several that are scholarships towards next semester but I can promise that it is not too early to start. My goal is to try and apply for at least one new scholarship each month. The online search also let me know the deadlines for each scholarship so I can stay organized.

I hear many women talk about getting sponsors for conferences and I thought in a way a scholarship is the same. Why not apply for the money available to sponsor me through college? {By the way, I am searching for a sponsor for BlogHer}

Do you know someone in college? Are you in college? Have a scholarship success story to tell? Share with me... Also apply for your own scholarships or refer someone to do the same.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fitness Friday

Last week I had been a real slacker when it came to the Wii Fit. I honestly can't say much about this week either. Two days worth of working out is not reaching my goal. I knew I didn't expect myself to exercise daily {although I would like to} but I do want to exercise at least every other day. Last week I also mentioned taking on the hula hoop challenge. So for this Fitness Friday post I am showing a photo of my scores doing the Super Hula Hoop for 3 minutes.

wii, wii fit, hula hoop, wii fit mommies, fitness

Do you do the hula hoop also? What are your scores? How many spins can you get up to within three minutes?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twitter Party and Giveaway

Amy from Resourceful Mommy is having yet another fabulous twitter party. She is SiteWarming Crafty Nation and don't forget the hashtag #crafty during the party. It starts at 8:00PM CST. Hope to see you there. Watch my vlog to see why I am so excited!

Don't forget to go sign up to win the prizes at Resourceful Mommy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Braces Removal and Non-Hernia

This morning while sitting in the dentist office awaiting the removal of my braces, I was nervous. At first I couldn't understand why I would be so nervous, considering this was the day I had been longing, for four years! After wearing braces on your teeth for so long it becomes a part of you, a part of your identity. I think I was a little nervous I would have those decay spots on my teeth that would never go away. You know those horror stories you hear about what can happen when you wear braces? Although I knew I had taken care of my teeth I knew that the natural discoloring had happened over the four years and I was scared to see the comparison underneath the metal brackets. I am sure there was a part of me that was scared it would hurt to have these metal brackets popped off my teeth as well {which it did a little}. There was also a big part of me that was scared my teeth wouldn't be just right after they removed the braces. Like maybe they would mess up or shift or .... I think you get the point. I was just full of fear and it hit me all this morning.
Then they finished.
I can now admit I am so excited!

Watch this:

[iPhone] Braces off! on

Well enough about me. Like the title says, this day was more than just having braces removed. It was the day we took Gab to the surgeon to find out what the next step was with her hernia.

Quick recap: Gab has been having stomach problems for a while, complaining of her stomach hurting, etc. The pains have began to affect her daily life. They started as 'tummy aches' and now have turned into pains that literally prevented her from going to Six Flags one day. The pains will come and go; few days in pain, few days without complaining. This has gone on for months. Due to Gab's disabilities she is on several medications so for the most part I had always chalked it up to med issues. Once it started keeping her from doing the things she loves and hurting her when she moves, I became alarmed. After running blood tests and putting her through an Ultrasound, the Pediatrician informed me she had a hernia {which lead us to surgeon}.

Now today at the surgeon's office, he placed Gab in every angle you could imagine. He leaned her back, he laid her down, he stood her up, he bent and twisted her. He could not find any signs of a hernia. Gab did complain of some pains but nothing as strong as she has suffered. Of course this didn't surprise me because like I mentioned, the pains have come and gone. The end results today where both positive and negative. The positive result is: no surgery to fix a hernia. The negative result is: we still have no clue what the problem is or how to fix it. The surgeon said he was going to type up a letter to her Pediatrician to inform her that Gab does not have a hernia or that if Gab does have a hernia it is too small to worry with and would not be causing these kind of pains. He also told me from his medical point of view he thought with the medication Gab is on and the brain surgery she has gone through that he wasn't surprised if it could all be causing pains. He said he could imagine that some of it could be neurological. Therefore now we just monitor her and stay in contact with her doctor. I will also be following up with her Neurologist to see what he thinks. Of course I am happy she doesn't have to go through another surgery but it just stinks that we don't have a fix yet. I hate seeing her in pain.

Thank you to everyone who sent prayers our way, we really appreciate it! It is so nice to know there are so many great people out there who offer support, even if it is through the internet. It is wonderful being able to network with each and every one of you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Toot

For this week's Toot I am making an announcement. I finally stepped outside of just my blog and twitter and have finally joined some other social media sites. I recently joined and have created a couple of short films. That site is really fun and I plan to update more often. I like trying to see what I can fit into 12 seconds of recording. I also joined Facebook, yes I know you are thinking, FINALLY. So now all my readers have a little homework to do... Go check out my two new sites and add me as your friend if you are a member of the sites. Let me know what you think of my 12seconds of fame. I also posted a cute one of Noah. Don't laugh at my simple profile on Facebook because I am still learning. I also joined LinkedIn which I haven't done much with either but working on it. Making a lot of changes and branching out to network with new people. I am very excited about all this and love meeting new people.
So toot-toot!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Heart Faces - Week Two

faces, photo, heart, kids, children

For this week's face photo I am sharing a pic of Gab during her eight day EEG. This photo was during the process of having the leads placed on her head. With all her hospital visits, each time I wanted a good photo of her smiling, I had to agree to let her be silly first. It's funny how we look back at the photos and the silly ones tend to be the 'good' ones because they show the true character of our children. The ones we love! No matter what this child has gone through, she still takes time out to be silly.

Gab, EEG, photo, daughter, hospital stay

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Seeking Help with Article

I am so excited that I have been given an opportunity to write an article for a Utah Women's Magazine. Although we all know I always have plenty to say, I thought it would be great to seek advice to make the article more rich. I would love your point of views on the topic. So please take the below poll and also feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think, your ideas or any thoughts you would love to see mentioned in this article. The topic is how to set guidelines and/or rules with your children. The main focus is on pre-teens/teens but I will take any and all advice. Don't have a teen? That's okay tell me what your plan is. How do you plan to set your guidelines and continue to have a good relationship with your teen?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vlog Update

Instead of writing out the results of Gab's most recent doctor appointment and test results along with my views on the problems we are dealing with in the public school system, I decided to vlog it. After watching my vlog below if you have any advice please leave me a comment with your tips or thoughts.

Again thank you for stopping by and taking time to listen to our updates!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fitness Friday

Since Wii Fit Mommies is a group that I joined as part of my New Year's Resolutions, I am determined to continue with my Friday posts! Even though, sadly I must say this week was not good for me in the work out area. Heck this week hasn't had much ups at all and has been super busy with plenty of bad news. No, scratch that! This is a new year and I am determined to be a new me... So positive thinking! This week has been super busy with lots being work related, blogging and writing which is GREAT! Also a few doctor appointments and school appointments with Gab that could have went worse so although the news wasn't what I wanted it sure beats what it could have been. I promise to post tomorrow all about her updates though so check back soon to read more.

Now to staying positive!

My Wii Fit week wasn't the best. I did work out last Friday, Saturday and Sunday for at least 30 minutes each day. However, unfortunately I did not work out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. I know FOUR days in a row. I am frustrated that I let it slip by for that many days in a row. I know in my first Friday post I said I wasn't going to be hard on myself if I didn't work out every day but to skip that many days in a row is hard to avoid being negative towards myself. I wish I would have at least done every other day or something. But today is not over yet and I am determined to work out tonight! I do plan to get back going and vlog next week my full update, including new Wii Fit Age! So don't give up on me yet and I will be back at it again before you know it.

By the way, on the days I had worked out this week I continued working hard to beat the other moms' scores in the hula hoop challenge. Leave me a comment and cheer me on, it isn't easy! I am feeling a little competitive spirit building up in me. ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Am I Blessed or What?!

Not even two weeks ago I was given the Lemonade Award and now I have been given TWO more blog awards! How great is that? The Wii Fit Mommies have passed on these two awards to me. I feel so honored to get so much recognition lately.

butterfly, award, blog award
fabulous, award, blog award
Rules state that I must link back to who gave me the award and pass on to ten others.

Amazing women who have shown me support that I believe deserve these awards! I am linking to their twitter address and their blog address because lately I have used twitter to interact with people more then just their blog. I hope you get a chance to enjoy these women as much as I have!

@JessicaKnows Jessica from Jessica Knows
@ToThink Arianne from To Think Is To Create
@princesstimetoy Connie at Princess Time Toys
@cynchrys Cindy from Streamside Farm
@tpompa Terri from QHealth Beauty
@rbuscemi Rebecca from Creative Virtual Office
@chatterboxcgc Christie from My Life a Work in Progress
@brandyellen Brandy from Writings of a WAHM

Some blogs I just adore!

@wiseyoungmommy Petra at The Wise Young Mommy
@tenakim Tena from My Therapy

I know there are many more and wish I could add them all...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Heart Faces - Kids Contest

There is a cool new website called I Heart Faces and I have decided to join their weekly contest. The way you enter is pick a category and display a photo with a face from that category. I selected the Kids category and here is my photo.

This is the first face photo I received of my son. I know at times these sonogram photos can be hard to see. It is his side profile and looks as if his thumb is in his mouth. So adorable! I feel in love with my son before I even gave birth and being able to see a 3D photo of him was priceless.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Toot

Last night I took my oldest to the Open House at the 6th grade school. T will be attending 6th grade in the fall and here the school is separate, one building for only 6th graders. We got to tour the school and listen to the PTA talk, Principal tell all about their programs, electives and introduce the teachers. Yes, it was brutally boring! We did enjoy our tour though... T was really excited to see the two-story school and how big it is. They also teach foreign language there which is very exciting for her as well since she wants to learn French. I took French in school but can hardly say two words now, LOL. Maybe I'll re-learn with her.

So going to this school last night and sitting next to my daughter with her friends, who I might add are all the same size as me, was enlightening {if that's the right word}. It just dawned on me, I was sitting next to a 'little me'. I was in awe. I mean I know I had her young but it was like it just hit me that I am a mother of a pre-teen. She is going to be 12 years old this year! Have you ever had that moment, where you just sit back and say... WOW, this is my life! Well I have had those moments a few times lately when it comes to T. Even though I am the one who has raised her for 11.5 years it is almost like I am in shock that I have a child this age. I know, I know... I'm not old enough to have a kid who is going to turn 12, I know I was too young. Trust me, I've heard it all. But this leads to today's toot.

So for today's Tuesday Toot I want to toot my own horn that I am proud of myself. Although I was way too young, I did it! T does well in school, a great helper with her younger siblings and full of love! I don't think I could have done a better job. She is a good friend, good student and wonderful sister/daughter!

Toot Toot for me at making it as a mom!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Momisms

Carla from Mama Hearts Baby came up with a great idea of writing Monday Momisms. This is where you write some form of Mommy Wisdom for your child/children that you would like to pass along to them one day. Maybe a little bit of life advice that you would like your children to know even if you can't tell them right now. Sort of like a short version of that Michael Keaton movie, My Life.

So for today's Monday Momisms:

Dear T,
I am sorry you were not an only child. I am sorry that you have to share things with your younger siblings and that both your sister and brother go into your room without permission. I know my time has been stretched thin and taken away from you to care for my other children. I am truly sorry that you seem to be upset a lot and believe life is not fair to not only have mom all to yourself like in the first 5 years of your life.

Dear T,
I feel so blessed to be able to give you a younger sister and brother. I know the treasures a family shares will be cherished by you all throughout your life. I hope you realize how blessed you truly are to be able to share life with siblings and have such a close family. I am also very excited to be able to share you with my other children. You are such a wonderful big sister and will continue to grow into a good role model for Gab and Noah.

Life Lesson: "What may seem to be the worse right now, could end up being the best blessing in life"

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Amy Adele

FREE shipping until Monday, January 12th at 11:59 PM EST on all items with no minimum at Amy Adele. I love the fact that all Amy Adele paper items are 100% post consumer recycled paper. What better way to send stationery or use business cards while staying on the track of being green.

Not only is Amy Adele offering free shipping but right now through the end of January all the boys t-shirts are 50% off. How great is that? I just love the adorable monkey t-shirt which you can customize with your own little one's name.

When you check out Amy Adele's products the sales are automatic, no need for codes.
Happy Shopping!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

16 Random Facts

I was tagged by Erin from Son Up to Son Down when she gave me the Lemonade Award to write 16 random facts about myself. This took some thinking.

1. When I was a kid I took dance class for five years. Although I did jazz, tap and ballet my main dance was clogging. {now hold back the giggles please} I also can not believe I am adding this photo!

2. Starting in middle school I became an Algebra Honors student and maintained A's. I love math as geeky as that might sound. I always disliked science and history, although I now wish I would have paid more attention. I am also a straight A college student now. Go me!

3. When I was very young I tried climbing on a dog b/c my cousin told me I could ride him like a horse. I was young enough to believe her and although she might have been right, this particular dog was eating at the time. Unfortunately he threw me off pretty quick and bit me pretty bad. I still have the scar across my nose as you can see in this picture.

4. When I was 16yo I got a job at Claire's piercing ears at a local mall. The requirements for being able to pierce live human ears including babies... well let's just say the requirements weren't very high! :)

5. I have not always lived in the state of Texas. I once lived in Tennessee for 6 months and lived in Oklahoma for 2 months. Short resident trips yet long stories.

6. Although this random fact has been posted before I can't get more random then being able to move my ears. Yes that's right and there is a video to see this happening here.

7. I love to travel! Long distance, short distance, it doesn't matter. I have visited 12 states more then once each and would love to visit all 50. Want to take a quick road trip? I'm game. I fly places although I hate flying.

8. When I was little I also used to model for Dillard's. Another embarrassing photo of me walking the runway setup outside of Dillard's Department store within the mall.

9. I got married after only knowing the man for four weeks! Although it lasted three years I am guessing that is one reason he is my ex-husband now. The things we do when we're 18yo!

10. The pets/animals I've owned: {not at the same time} two snakes, two bunnies, Chinchilla, cats, dogs, fish, hamster, guinea pig, hermit crabs, turtles and mice to feed the snakes. I also used to spend a lot of time with my sister's wolf and sugar gliders, years back.

11. For a couple of years {before Gabby started having problems} I was a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters and was a Big Sister to a teenage mom. I love being a mentor and have a very strong passion for it.

12. Throughout all of school years I used to love drawing cartoon characters. This one I haven't done in a while but my parents still have some framed in their house, unfortunately I don't have one to scan to display a photo. My daughter has recently asked me to draw her some Looney Toon characters so once that is complete I will post a photo.

13. I am a huge One Tree Hill fan. I love that show and don't miss it. I own all the previous seasons on DVD. I also am really bad about searching out spoilers online b/c I can't wait to know what's going to happen next. Such a cheater, I know...

14. I collect magnets. The front of my refrigerator is covered in them and I make sure to pick one up from every new location. I also enjoy receiving them from friends and family who travel to new places. {hint, hint}

15. I used to be on the YMCA swim team. I tried finding a photo to attach but apparently they are all at my parent's house. Again this was before high school days.

16. Now this is the final random fact. I love to bite and some {jokingly} believe I must have cannibal ancestors. Now before you go start thinking all dirty, this isn't just a sexual thing. I see my baby's fat cheeks and not only want to squeeze them like most people but I want to nibble them off. LOL {put down the phone and don't call CPS} I don't really hurt my children or bring blood or even bruise them. But haven't you ever had the desire to just nibble on your kids? Like the old saying "so cute I could just eat 'em up." Now if I am dating you, on the other hand, watch out. You could just be standing there and I will walk across the room to bite the shit out of you because it feels good. I do want to note I have never brought blood or felt the desire to taste blood on my victims. I am very affectionate, love to cuddle, squeeze and well... bite.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fitness Friday

Week One of the Wii Fit Mommies Challenge is complete. I must say I believe I did fairly good for the first week. To go from not working out at all to almost working out daily is a success for me. My last update was on the 1st with me creating my Mii and I worked out for over 30 minutes. On January 2nd I took my daughter to Six Flags and we walked around for four hours, therefore I did not make it on the Wii that night. Needless to say I was exhausted by the time I got home. I did find the option to log time for exercise outside of the Wii system. It even gives you the options of different types of exercises. I logged only two hours of walking for that day since I figured we stood in lines for rides and ate lunch during the four hours we were there. The only other day I missed any workout time was on Wednesday after spending the day at doctor appointments with my daughter, we had a total of three appts. that lasted until 7 PM. So, yes I decided to be lazy on Wednesday.

In my vlog you will see my weekly Wii Fit log, showing all my credits to activity. I also show my weight at this current time which if you would like you can go back and compare from my first update.

{MommaDJane's vlog}

Now you all know I absolutely LOVE the Wii Fit for myself! But did you know that I also love using it for my daughter? Gab had a stroke in utero and was born with Cerebral Palsy because of it. She has right-sided weakness in her body and goes through physical and occupational therapy twice a week. I think the Wii Fit is a great way to help her build strength and learn balance. It also gives her a FUN way to do her exercise and therapy at home instead of boring stretches like with her therapists. {No offense therapists} The Wii Fit gives options to really help all ages and be able to use the program to meet your own needs in an exciting environment where you don't even realize you are working out.

{Gab's vlog}

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