Thursday, November 20, 2008


Where to start...
First I want to say I am sorry I have not posted in a while. So much has gone on the past couple of weeks.


1. We moved into a house and left the apartment in the past. Hopefully it will stay there. I painted the kids' rooms and will post photos soon. First time painting, so beware. I have completely relocated but have not completely unpacked. Working on it... and almost done.

2. I decided to change my major in college. Yes, I am completely shocked too. Especially since I am scheduled to graduate next year. I have been torn and confused on my outlook and really feel a pull towards a different focus. Accounting will still be part of my experiences and I am sure Business will play a large factor in my major. However I have new plans now. Announcement coming soon!

3. We have been sick! Very sick. First Gabby came home with a high fever a day after receiving the flu vaccine. She had no other symptoms except the high fever, which to me is scary enough considering her epilepsy. After two days of non-stop fever she was fine. Until the next week when she got the stomach virus that lasted 24 hours and of course, passed on to me. I thankfully did not catch it as bad as she did. Now for the past four days I have been fighting a sinus infection. Finally started antibiotics yesterday and starting to get a little better. You can at least understand me now when I talk.

4. Although I was sick I managed to get out and do some shopping on Black Friday. I could not resist considering the deals I was after. I really need to watch every penny this holiday season so I had to get the items on my wish list while they were on sale. I will post the great deals soon!

5. Over the past few weeks another big thing happened. One of our suppliers for Unique Diva Boutique went out of business. Unfortunately that is happening to a lot of small companies right now with the economy the way it is. That leaves us with only a few items left from Mineral Girlz and our web store has been updated. So if you would like any mineral makeup or makeup tools (as in brushes) you better hurry over to Unique Diva Boutique to check out what is left. We have marked the items on sale as well. They will make great stocking stuffers.

6. I also received the new album out by Seal and the review is coming next on my blog. And what's better with a review other than a GIVEAWAY?! So watch for it soon!

Now there are other announcements coming soon along with a Holiday Shopping Guide. Can't do it all in one post, now can I?

Sorry for being out of touch but I promise that will change soon!


Sabrae said...

Well its about time! lol I was beginging to wonder if you were still alive out there lol and we used to talk everyday! lol

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