Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Confession ~ Seal Album Giveaway

In 1994 I was 12 years old and
jammed to Seal's hit song at the time,
Kiss From a Rose.
Yes, I owned that baby on cassette tape!
Probably where I recorded it
off the radio thinking I was so cool.

When I was told Seal's new album was being released November 11th I was excited to hear it.

I have been overly stressed lately.
I haven't had the chance to write blog
posts lately or even read my favorites.
I recently wrote an updated post to try and
catch everyone up. I am on overload.

Once I received Seal's Soul album, the kids and I played it in the living room stereo. We danced, sang and smiled. Since then we have listened to it while driving and singing along. After dropping the kids off at school, I listen to it alone and relax. A Change is Gonna Come is very soothing. Taking a moment to be stress-free has not happened around here lately. ~Thank you Seal!

My title says a giveaway... so here it is! I have the opportunity to giveaway a copy of Seal's new album on CD. How exciting? In perfect time for the holidays too, when you need to relax the most!

But wait... that's not all!
(always wanted to say that, so infomercial)

I also get to giveaway (something I don't even own myself) mini-retro iPod speakers thanks to Delight.com!

How cool are these?! They will make a perfect stocking stuffer for my daughter.

Think of Delight.com as a unique boutique that stocks the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Delight features eco-friendly tote bags, gadgets for guys, kitchen gear that is smart and saves time, travel essentials, one-of-a-kind baby gifts, stocking stuffers for holiday gift shopping and unique jewelry and décor accessories with most under $50.

Also a great way to get the inside scoop
on newsletter only deals and tips sign up here.

Even though I want to believe I can do
it all, I can't. My load has to be lightened.
Therefore, for me, A Change is Gonna Come.

Now for ways to enter contest...!

1 entry} post a comment here telling me what it is you do for your down time (read, listen to music, watch TV?)

1 entry} tweet or blog about this giveaway and help promote Seal's new album release then re-comment here with a link to your post

1 entry} follow my blog to be the first to hear all the upcoming giveaways and re-comment letting me know you did

Contest ends Monday, December 8th and the winner will be randomly picked using random.org

Special thanks goes out to Arianne over at To Think is To Create and One2One Network along with Delight.com for making this great giveaway happen!

To enter more gift fest giveaways check this out.

Random Sequence Generator
Here is your sequence:

Timestamp: 2008-12-12 15:10:23 UTC

WINNER is Katy Wheaton! Katy posted the second comment which as you see in my random.org results the 2 comment was picked! CONGRATS Katy!
Since Katy never responded I went down the list, the second winner had no contact info listed and no blogger profile so I went on to the third where I found our winner!


Christie-A Work In Progress said...

Hi! You are one of my new twitter followers (@cgccoach). Your blog is so pretty...chocolate and pink is my favorite color combo! I just had to comment on this post because you really got me saying you were 12 when that seal song came out!! I was 22! I think I got one more gray hair reading that (LOL)

Anonymous said...

I want to enter the give-away contest so here's what you asked for: in my downtime, I like to read, watch a movie (altho I rarely have two whole hours), and do the Washington Post's daily crossword puzzle (newly acquired hobby). I also like to walk my dog or go for a hike in the woods (still with the dog).
BTW, I was 34, with 3 little kids in 1994. Who feels old now?

kat said...

I've been eying those iPod speakers. I just recently picked up a refab Nano for a trip and I'm loving it.

In my downtime I tend to read, read and read some more. And I guess when I'm not reading (or online working), I'm out shopping and hanging out with my friend and husband. I wish I could say that I'm cooking, but I've been so frustrated with our stove lately, I just fight the urge to cook with every once of my body - LOL.

Off to add you to my Twitter friends.

toohotforturtle said...

In my downtime, I love to read, take my dogs for a long walk, and see a movie. Check out toohotforturtle2.blogspot.com for my Seal blog entry.

Alex @ EsculonSays said...

Love your giveaway! =) I'm so curious about Seal's new album.

My favorite downtime activity is taking bubble baths! I take a great book with me, some music and just relax. No one can bother me there, right? lol

ParentingPink said...

Love your blog! And in 1994 I just graduated from college, so now I officially feel old! Thanks Seal! LOL

janehixon said...

I read and listen to music.......that always energizes me. The little speakers are so cute....thanks for the giveaway!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

I wanted to stop by and remind you that the deadline to ship the Secret Santa Gift is December 10th. Please send Georgie or I a email amydoo @ sbcglobal . net and give us the Delivery Confirmation Number. Gifts are being received as we speak so you can check out the posts on our blogs to see the latest. If you have received a SSS gift please leave either of us a comment and just write received in it somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I like you in the down time am addicted to twittering and to blipping music. I love hanging out with friends and the occasional starbucks latte. I like your blog and I will come back.

Jenn said...

I'm following you missy! :)

Jenn said...

I love those ipod speakers....too cool! My husband is a gadget guy, and he'd love them.

What do I do in my offtime...what off-time?? :) I love reading, and have lately become obsessed with the Twilight Series. I also love to just completely veg sometimes, so I'm a big Pogo.com addict as well!

My2Gs said...

I"m a follower :) In 1994 I was a sophomore in High School dating my now hubby!

My2Gs said...

Just tweeted ya :)

Angela said...

In my downtime I like to draw and paint.

pam said...

It's funny but I listen to that Seal song 'Change gonna come' LOUD on my computer. I was just able to buy the one song but the whole record would be great. And speakers - oooooh. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, those speakers are adorable. In my downtime, I do whatever feels right - usually catch up on TiVO and play with the dog, those are my most relaxing.

Renee G said...

I have to say that in my down time I like to surf the internet looking for coupons or bargains; I love to read; and I love to bake.

Shannan P said...

Downtime? What's that? LOL When I have a few minutes to myself, I usually read or occasionally pick up the Nintendo DS and play one of hubby's games.

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Hi there, I love to sit in front of the T.V. and watch what I want! Does not happen enough!

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