Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Blog Party

In celebration of the Halloween blog party going on over at Living Locurto I have decided to share some photos from our most recent Halloween activities. Today we went to Six Flags Over Texas to their Fright Fest which the kiddos loved! Gab actually rode a ton of rides including some really fast moving rides and roller coasters. Of course only the ones they allow six year old children on! I was still surprised to not see her get scared of anything. Not even the spooky people walking around. She is growing so fast, too fast! Since they were not allowed to wear their costumes, T wanted to at least spray her hair with color. Hot pink and black color to be exact. Ever since Miley Cyrus became so popular with T, her new craze is pink and black. When T cut her hair over the summer she removed ten inches to donate to Locks of Love. She could literally spike it in the back although the front was longer reaching her chin. Well she has let it grow since then so when we bought the stuff to put in her hair I stupidlythought I could still spike it. We bought black hair gel with hot pink color hair spray. The idea was to make her look like a rocker chick while still maintaining the look of age 11. We got completely ready and started to do her hair right before we walked out the door. "I mean come on how long could that possibly take?" I started by trying to spike her hair with regular gel then adding the black and planned to spray the pink at the very end to touch it up with color. O.M.G. What a mess! Her hair has obviously grown a foot and is now way too long to spike. Therefore at this point we had a black gooey mess. I took baby wipes to the side of her head and face where the black mess had gotten. Also had to clean her ears. I never wanted to be a hair stylist. Instead of stopping and rinsing, we continued. I then added the pink spray along with some spray gel and two different kinds of hair spray to help 'hold' the hair in some form of place. I did my best to at least get the back some what slicked into a type of mini mo-hawk. Now remember, this was for Halloween rocker chick ONLY! I would never let my child normally leave the house looking this way. We then decided to add a little glitter spray that we had bought for Gab's Halloween costume of Cinderella. So now it was black with hot pink and glitter. T left the house with having regular molding gel, spray gel, two different brands of hair spray, black dye hair gel, hot pink hair color spray and glitter spray in her hair. I have never known someone to have so many products in their hair at once. We finished up the little touches with a couple of temp tattoos and TADA! Rocker chick. Check out the photos below.

Now Gabby did not do anything today as far as dressing up for Halloween but she did have a bunch of fun at Six Flags. I managed to get a few photos of her with some characters dressed in costume and next to a few life size blow up decorations.

I do not have the photo shop programs on my computer to make cute little collages but I did manage to find this neat digital scrapbook page from photobucket. I thought this was perfect for the Halloween Blog Party. So here are a few photos from today that I uploaded into photobucket.

This scrapbook Halloween theme slideshow was free and easy to create. I am actually very impressed with the online program. They have a ton of other themes to chose from, not just holiday related. Check it out here. It is called Scrap Blog but is partnered with Photobucket and uses your photos from your already created albums. Pretty neat and you do not have to be crafty to know how to do this. The themes are already laid out and you just upload the photos right into place.

Now that I have left you with some photos, a cute little short story and a Halloween tip that can be used anytime with all digital photos.... I am calling it a day, off to bed for me. Giving Gab several piggy back rides today has worn me out. Had a blast though and was well worth it!


Amy from Texas said...

What a cute slide show! You're such a great mommy:-) I want to go to Six Flags now!

So glad you joined in on the party fun!

Salinda said...

Love the slide show! Thanks for dropping by my site. I'll be back to visit you often!

Their Mommy said...

I love digital scrap booking! I can't seem to get any of the cool stuff to work with my PaintShop but I love it just the same :)

We caught the mouse last night, it got put in Daisy's cage, but it's either sick (because it's still there this morning) or she doesn't want to eat an already dead mouse. Booo! Either way, it's dead lol.

And thanks so much for commenting my blog :)

Meghan said...

Looks like a fun day!

Megryansmom said...

Cute slide show!
Hi I'm Megryansmom and I've appointed myself the unofficial welcoming fairy for SSS. Here's your magic pixie dust. *******

Deb said...

If I could figure out that darn photobucket my day would be complete. I tried to make a slideshow for my awards, to display on my blog ya know - cause those are achievements I WANT to share (the rest are not-lol), but I cannot figure it out. I am photobucket illiterate.
That's a great halloween collage by the way. Looks awesome.

Oh - and I'm just visiting from the SSS peeps!!

Nelly said...

Love your scrapbook. Very cute. I hope you get to check my entry for the Halloween Blog Party. Its my first party participation; what fun, no? Happy Halloween!

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