Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Toot

It's Tuesday Toot time again and since I haven't participated in the toot'n for a couple of weeks I thought I would get back to it.

Saturday evening I setup a booth at my daughters' Fall Festival at their elementary school. I brought some of my inventory from my store to sale including some Creationz By Me products for kids to do themselves at my table. It was a fun activity for them and they really enjoyed it. The body lotion was the most popular and the girls loved to mix their own colors and scents into their lotion. Such a success. If you haven't seen this then check out my online store right away. Unique Diva Boutique So I sold $75 worth of children's hair bows, a $38 purse and six Creationz By Me. I was so excited about this. Although the booth cost me $25 to setup my main goal was to advertise my store by handing out coupons, which I did. Therefore, I expected to donate $25 to the girls' school and benefit by advertising to all the mothers my business. Imagine how excited I was to sale quite a bit of inventory and make some money! YAY!
Toot ~ Toot
Here are a few updated photos of the store!


The Johnson Family said...

That is really cool you are doing that! I have been tinkering with the idea of doing the same. I learned how to make bows, tutus, and I am working on the girly overalls for the holidays. Great Job!

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