Monday, October 6, 2008

Not So Friday Fragments...

Okay so it's not Friday but I am typing up some fragments anyways... Why? B/c it's my blog... well to tell you the truth b/c I forgot to post it on Friday. No wait that's not the truth, I didn't forget. Matter of fact my blog has been on my mind every day for the past two weeks.

DJane's Thoughts:
"Don't forget to write blog post"
"Blog about store, post photos you took a week ago"
"Announce the giveaway and how everyone can enter"
"Discuss the new menu plan in your blog"
"Post the cute pics from the park for Wordless Wednesday or Thousand something Thursday..."
"Hell just freakin' take time out to blog"
"Hello! Still haven't blogged"
"Blog about Gab's bad doctor's visit"
"Blog about ANYTHING"

DJane's Actions: (not in correct order)
Took kids to the pumpkin patch.
Opened store.
Still working on stocking store.
Still working on tagging all the wonderful items to place in the store.
Took Gab to her follow-up appointment and it went horribly!
Spent the whole day shopping at the Dallas Market Center from wholesalers to stock my store even more.
Almost forgot, been working on two college courses.
Took Gab to the park.
I know there has been a lot more going on then I can think of to type, such as birthday parties we were invited to, sick kids and doc appts. Other normal yet stressful things.

So although none of these are good enough excuses to not blog, they are my excuses. The thing I hate the most or should I say the thing that bothers me the most is that out of all these things I don't feel like I am accomplishing any of them. I love to blog and this is the only thing that is just for MOMMY! Well okay the store and college is for me too but ultimately they will benefit my family as well. The blog is just MINE!


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