Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blissful Wardrobe

When I decided I was going to Nashville for the BlissDom '09 Conference I knew I was going to need new clothes. I read the schedule and saw there were two cocktail parties going on plus a pajama party. Considering I'm a single mom who doesn't get out much and my sleep wear usually consist of an over sized t-shirt I heard the mall calling my name. Then I realized what a great opportunity to wear clothing from sponsors during the event and help promote some businesses I love.

First up I have the gorgeous dress I wore to Friday night's cocktail party. This dress was handmade out of a satin-type material and was stunning. When I received the dress in the mail from Cowgirl Heaven, an etsy shop, I was impressed! I couldn't believe that it was handmade. Very professional work and if I must say so myself I thought it looked amazing on. I received many compliments and it sure felt good knowing I was prompting a work at home mom of handmade items.

BlissDom '09 Cocktail Dress
Back View
BlissDom Cocktail Party

Next is the customized shirt I got to wear to the Friday night pajama party. I was very excited to be the one wearing the original BlissDom '09 sparkle tee made by Sassy Sparkle, just for me! I am so excited about being given the opportunity to post about this shirt that she also offered me a discount code to share with my readers. If you order anything from her site between now and March 14, '09 and use the code bliss then you will get 10% off your total.

BlissDom Sparkle Tee

Last but definitely not least here I am sporting my Joe's Jeans. I just LOVED my Joe's Jeans. The denim material was so soft and they were extremely comfy. I wrote a past post announcing their special they have going on for Valentine's Day where you can buy one pair and get second half off. How great is that? Plus it's pretty funny how I finally got the correct size. I will have to admit though, if you are short like me, you better get the petite size otherwise you will have to get them altered. I had about six inches cut off the bottom.

Modeling Joe's Jeans

Each one of these articles of clothing made me feel alive and fun while at BlissDom '09. Not only did I feel great in the clothing, get lots of compliments but I was comfortable as well. You just can't beat that!


Jessica - Jessica Knows said...

You looked fabulous in all that clothing! I definitely need to check out Joe's Jeans - they look comfortable, well-made, and totally chic.

Alli Worthington { @fussypants } said...


I so wanted all the ladies coming to pamper themselves just a bit.

So many gorgeous women. :)

Thank you for being part of the fun!

xoxo, alli

kalisa said...

Those jeans looked great on you. I totally want to try some now.

chrissy said...

Red Carpet wear for WAHM's! You looked great...the dress was fab.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

You looked great in all of your outfits!

kalisa said...

Please advise which style of jeans you had b/c there are about a dozen on their site. Thx.

DJane said...

Jessica, thanks! You are right they are super comfy and loved the dark denim look.

Alli, your conference was fabulous! Thanks for putting it together and letting me be a part, can't wait until next year!

Chrissy and Renee, thank you! I felt great too.

Kalisa, sorry I forgot. There were a ton of options and I picked the Honey {booty fit}.

Jerri Ann said...

Geez you are so doggone adorable. I honestly believe you could wear a tatersack and it would look wonderful on are so doggone precious...

BrandyEllen said...

You look like a super star!!

What a great post!

Your Friend,

Sarah said...

You looked stunning at Blissdom! And you are so adorable! It was amazing meeting you!

SupComTabz said...

Awesome photos! You look like a million bucks! I'm so glad you love your Joe's Jeans.

kalisa or anyone who is interested in finding just the right pair of Joe's Jeans - please shoot me an email and I can get you in touch with our whiz girl at Joe's Jeans about finding just the right fit and style for you!

Tabitha Smith
Joe's Jeans

Anonymous said...

I love the dress Black with Red trim, and you look very elegant in the green chair, :)

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