Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MomFaves Launch

MommaDJane with MomFaves owners

Photo captured at BlissDom '09 of co-founders Josh and Rebecca with Dwan
{Welcome MomFaves} is an on-line networking site where mothers can go to seek and share advice. Not just any advice, either... Advice on their favorite products, sites, services and others. Did you recently try out an awesome appliance that worked wonders for your family? Do you highly recommend a website that offers great articles or services? is the place to go and fave those items so other moms can read your referral. This word-of-mouth networking site is a wonderful place to come and find answers to your questions from other moms like you.

The greatness behind the network is the touching story about how MomFaves was founded. I was blessed to have the chance and meet the co-founders of MomFaves during my weekend trip to BlissDom '09 conference. How exciting, right? Josh and Rebecca Unfried are not only the best looking couple in town but very sweet and compassionate too. You can tell by their presence that they feel a strong pull in the right direction with MomFaves. Working hard behind the scenes to be ready for this amazing launch! So what are you wanting for? Go check it out and join now. It's absolutely free and you can meet other great women just like yourself. is holding their Sitewarming Party with Amy from Resourceful Mommy by celebrating their launch on Friday, February 13th from 8:00 PM CST to 9:00 PM CST. Did I mention that I am a panelist during the party? That's right, so come join us on twitter and maybe even win some great prizes.


Therese said...

Sounds like a very neat site, I am going to sign up now.

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