Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Commercials

I know today was all about the Super Bowl Buzz. To be honest I am not a huge football fan, I know - shame on me. Plus it's not like my state went to the Super Bowl or anything... However, I do like to watch the commercials. Although I must admit the past couple of years I wasn't as impressed as I used to be. I watched as many commercials this time as I could while caring for children but there was one commercial that stood out the most. Did you see the Jack in the Box commercial where Jack got hit by the bus? At the end of the commercial they posted a web site link which of course struck my curiosity, apparently like many others from the speed of the site. They created a whole blog along with You Tube account just to go along with this one commercial. Now that is dedication. The thing I didn't understand was why would they show Jack being hit by a bus with his head literally cracking? I personally thought it was a little disturbing for kids to see but it also left me wondering what it meant. Was that the point of the commercial, to leave you wondering? My first reaction was that the bus symbolizes the economy and Jack was suffering as the economy crashes... Does that sound right? The first thing I said was, "is Jack in the Box going bankrupt?" Once visiting the web site/blog that they set up I couldn't gather any more information then what I saw in the commercial. There were over 300 comments left by various people. So, readers, tell me... did you see this commercial? If not go view it over on You Tube and tell me what you thought. I am curious to hear what other views are on this. Is the economy suffering so bad that even fast food restaurants are 'crashing' and creating commercials to display their hurt? If Jack in the Box fast food restaurant is not hurting economically then is it just entertaining to see Jack get hit by a bus? I am curious to know what is the real point? Also if you are concerned, on their blog they even list ways to send Get Well Wishes to Jack, along with places to upload your own videos wishing him well or a way to sign up for text message alerts letting you know Jack's update. By the way Jack in the Box is on twitter and facebook too. Am I the only one that thinks this is far fetch?


BrandyEllen said...

Wow - what is this world coming to? What an odd commercial and on youtube and a blog and twitter?

Ok I have to watch this a few more times to see what hidden message they are giving!!


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