Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Guest Blogger Post

I found this guest blogger through Mom Pack which I am a member of to promote my wahm businesses. Rebecca posted this in our yahoo group and I asked if I could share with my readers her post. So here it goes:

I think the term "stay at home mom" is offensive. As a previous poster
stated, it implies that we stay at home and do nothing.

When our parents were in school they had an organization called Future
Homemakers of America. They taught young women how to make a house
into a home; how to cook; how to sew; basically how to take care of
your family. I can definitely see where we need this in today's
society. Just look at our children. They can't even dress themselves,
walking around with their pants around their knees.

I am not a SAHM. I am a mother, a wife, a homemaker, nurse, chauffeur,
psychiatrist, referee, chef, volunteer, business owner,I can go on and
on. I AM NOT a SAHM.

By: Rebecca Marshall
Jordan Essentials I.R.

Well I hope you enjoyed Rebecca's post about SAHMs. I had never thought of this point of view before but she made a good point! Check out her Jordan Essentials site!


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