Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update on Glogster

So this post is a follow-up from the School Promotes Glogster post. If you haven't read that post, you might want to first.

I received several comments about this post and one specially that I wanted to share. The comment below is from Glogster themselves.

Hi DJane

Glogster here – we saw this post voicing your concerns over your daughters use of Glogster for school projects and thought we would be able to share some helpful information with you. The same tools that allow Glogster users to express themselves also provide educators with a great opportunity to provide their students with interactive tools for projects. In order to help schools, educators and parents leverage these opportunities further; Glogster will be launching an education version of Glogster. This special section of the site will be launching soon and will have many new capabilities, including the ability to keep students separated from the social network part on Glogster. We will continuously work to perfect use in this new education segment.

If you would like, we can keep you updated on the education version of Glogster. I hope this information helps you and your readers and that the new education version will afford your daughter the opportunity to use Glogster for school in a manner you feel is appropriate.

Kind regards,

Well I have to admit that I was a little impressed when I first read their comment. I mean Glogster is apparently growing large and they took time out to place a comment on my little blog. WOW! I am also excited about the upcoming education version of Glogster to protect kids. As soon as they inform me about more news I will make sure to share with my readers. So KUDOS to Glogster for trying to clear their name!

Now..... Below is what I found on their website under the FAQ section.

What is an inappropriate content?
Inappropriate content is any content that contains racial hate, nudity, pornography or anything unsuitable for an audience of 18 years and younger. If 5 users click the inappropriate tag on your Glog, the Glog will be hidden. Then, only our administrators can change the state of your Glog. If the Glogster Team finds any Glog inappropriate, it will be erased immediately.

Readers, did you read the last sentence? Did ya? Oh go ahead and read it again, LOL. As we all know the Glogster team read my blog, they saw the links, they heard our disgust frustrations and concerns. However if you click on the link in the original blog post, the one titled Not Intended for Eyes Under 18 the glog is still listed. So did Glogster really want to clear their name? Are the FAQs just listed to make you feel secure with joining Glogster? Did they really not intend to hold their word?

Hey... Some sites are made for kids and some aren't... Who am I to judge?

BTW those who wanted to know what the Principal at the elementary school said, well let's just say she about had a heart attack!


Mrs4444 said...

Very interesting. Pretty disappointing...

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