Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School

So a quick post with thoughts for the night...
Although I have a few blog posts coming soon, it is getting late tonight and I am tired. However, I do have a few thoughts I would like to post. School has been back in now since August 25th and the kids seem to be getting back on track. Things are good and we love their teachers.

Today something happened to make me feel old, LOL. No I'm not old! But I felt like one of 'those' older people who always say things like "we never had that when we were kids" or "consider yourself blessed b/c that is not a necessity". It is funny to think about it now... When T came home from school telling me she had a project due that consisted of creating a PowerPoint presentation and saving it to her flash drive (that was on the school supply list) and she needed me to teach her how to do it, well let's just say I was in shock. Now don't get me wrong, I am a total PowerPoint guru and have put together many presentations when I was part of the corporate world back in the J.O.B. days. I guess I just can't believe that computers, internet and flash drives have become a necessity even for children. I mean does every home to a 5th grader have these items? The part that was the best is when I asked T if she was learning P.P. in school and she said no. I looked at her and said what if the parents don't know how to use it?.... Her reply was, well the teacher said we could do one in MS Word if we don't have PowerPoint. LOL How convenient. I can't say that I complain because I think it is fun to work with my daughter and teach her how to use the program. I just love P.P. and have fun designing presentations. I really made her do the work though and she is learning to use a new program which is great. Although with having a sick two year old at home, I am sure glad we have a week.


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