Monday, September 15, 2008

Headed to Las Vegas

I am headed to Las Vegas. Most would be jumping for joy sitting in their airplane seats impatiently awaiting thrilled with excitement to arrive to the city of lights, where secrets are kept and the fun never ends. Not me… Well okay I take that back, I am excited and I do look forward to my two night mini-vacation, however at the moment I am scared senseless. I hate flying! I am literally sitting in my seat on the airplane trying not to believe I am on a plane. LOL That’s not working out too well for me. So I have decided to blog in order to keep myself busy. Of course this post is beginning in a MS Word document considering I do not have internet on the airplane. Oh there I go ahead thinking about flying… :( I will post this blog entry if when we land. The irony behind this whole fear of flying really stinks because I absolutely LOVE to travel. I fly all the time. It never gets easier either. I take pretty quick trips mostly so driving is just brutal and waste most of your time that could be spent sight-seeing. I love short road trips, cruises and traveling in general. Just hate flying. I guess it is something about the whole fear of plummeting to the ground in a steel object that weighs (well I don’t know how much it weighs) but a lot and the end result being death. Hell even if I was one of the lucky ones in an airplane crash that ended up with a few minor bruises, I would die of high anxiety causing a heart attack on the way down. Okay well this blog post is starting on such a wonderful light subject, LOL. Hey at least a little humor about my fear helps lighten me up.

So… onto a better note. I will have about two guest blogger posts for you this week. Since I am going to be gone and trying really hard to provide my readers with words I thought it would be a great time to branch out. So watch for the new posts coming over the next couple of days. Also I thought I might do a following post while I am in Vegas for the readers out there that might be interested in a few photos and hear how the trip is going. I will also be posting an update about the School Promotes Glogster post as soon as I get a few extra minutes.

BTW here is a photo of me sitting in my airplane seat blogging on the computer. Do I look nervous? LOL Sorry it is make-up free too, too nervous to finish getting ready this morning, will do that at the casino/hotel.


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