Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fragment

Welcome to Friday Fragments, a great way to unclutter your mind with the gems you've thought of all week that were too short for a post, but too good to discard!

I found this Meme on Mrs. 4444's blog, Half-Past Kissin' Time and thought I would give it a try.

To start I want to mention the news story that has been going on for a while. Sure you've heard about it, the Casey Anthony case? I was following this case nightly on the show called On The Record with Greta until the political race took over the media. Between the presidential race and the hurricane news (which are not light subjects by any matter) I have not seen much coverage on the baby Caylee case. This case really bothered me. It is so sad, if you haven’t heard about it you should check it out online. So I know there has been much controversy about rather or not Casey killed her little girl, I want to believe she didn’t. I have such a hard time believing anyone could do such a thing. However this little girl has been missing since June. If Casey did do it, my God just admit it by now. Do murderers never feel remorse? I will never understand this but I would believe if she ever loved her daughter she would want a proper burial for her by now. If she didn’t do it, I pray that the little girl is safe and found soon.

Our family got a Wii. I have never been one of those parents who just let their kids sit in front of a video game and play nonstop. I love games but I love interaction too. My kids have owned other video games, don’t get me wrong. Matter of fact Gab still has a PS2. However I always felt the need to put limits on the amount of play that was allowed. We decided to branch out and get a Wii system. When these first came out and I saw people playing them, I thought it was so funny. All I could think is how embarrassing it would be to pretend to play tennis or jump around in front of the TV. Who would do that? LOL I do! I love it! I can honestly say I would recommend a Wii to any family. You can play games with your children and interact together. I also got the Wii Fitness program for me. I do step aerobics, yoga and other fun yet fitness related games. Maybe I should do a product review in more detail about the Wii and all the games we have tried so far…. One day.

I joined Coupon Mom. I want to be more resourceful and actually planning out our meals. I joined, I looked over it and that’s it. There is a lot of information on there and I am sure it is all very useful but right now I think I need something even more detailed and step by step for me. I have heard of several wonderful meal planning sites and other coupon sites. Maybe, Dine Without Whine? Readers, do you have any suggestions? Also is anyone interested in guest blogging about motivation?

I read about Chi Walking in a magazine the other day. What is Chi Walking? It’s a technique based on tai chi, a Chinese martial art that uses flowing movements and breathing to direct chi, or energy, through the body. So the photos in the magazine and what I read about it looks pretty cool. The headline says: “Walk off the weight in 4 weeks!” I am not wanting to go on a diet per say but I do want to become more fit and healthy. Anyone else do this Chi Walking? Again this is another great opportunity for a motivational speaker.

Banish wrinkles… Not from your skin but from your clothes. Does anyone own Esteam handheld steamer, by Jiffy Steamer Co.? I found this in a magazine as well and it looks really neat. Just curious to hear product reviews on the item from a reader. The manufacture claims once you plug it in it is ready to rid your clothes of wrinkles in about three minutes.

The last thing I want to discuss is another very sad story. Of course everyone knows about the Hurricane Ike causing destruction. Well I live in Fort Worth, TX where many residents of Houston came to find shelter nearby. There was a story on the news the other night about a family who left Houston in order to find safety in Dallas yet once here their little one year old son got hit by a car and died. I hate to say the dreaded comment of “how much worse could it get” because I am always a strong believer that it could get worse, but come on! Being ran out of their home due to a life threatening storm to only find shelter where their son is ran over? This kind of devastation makes me very thankful for my children, no matter how much they act out.


Mrs4444 said...

Now, that's an impressive FF post! I watched the show on the missing girl the other night and was surprised by how "normal" the mom looked. She just must be psychotic or something.

I would love a Wii Fit. Maybe Santa will bring me one...

I'm a member of Coupon Mom, too. Haven't done a lot with it yet, though.Sorry, I know nothing about Chi walking or the steam thingy.

Sorry, but how does one's one-year-old get hit by a car??! That's definitely sad.

DJane said...

They were apparently at the gas station preparing to head home to Houston and a lady backed up and didn't see the little boy. So sad!

The Wii Fit is awesome! The kids and I love it.

Casey Anthony does look normal and pretty much had me convinced for the first few weeks that she didn't do it. So sad...

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