Saturday, January 10, 2009

16 Random Facts

I was tagged by Erin from Son Up to Son Down when she gave me the Lemonade Award to write 16 random facts about myself. This took some thinking.

1. When I was a kid I took dance class for five years. Although I did jazz, tap and ballet my main dance was clogging. {now hold back the giggles please} I also can not believe I am adding this photo!

2. Starting in middle school I became an Algebra Honors student and maintained A's. I love math as geeky as that might sound. I always disliked science and history, although I now wish I would have paid more attention. I am also a straight A college student now. Go me!

3. When I was very young I tried climbing on a dog b/c my cousin told me I could ride him like a horse. I was young enough to believe her and although she might have been right, this particular dog was eating at the time. Unfortunately he threw me off pretty quick and bit me pretty bad. I still have the scar across my nose as you can see in this picture.

4. When I was 16yo I got a job at Claire's piercing ears at a local mall. The requirements for being able to pierce live human ears including babies... well let's just say the requirements weren't very high! :)

5. I have not always lived in the state of Texas. I once lived in Tennessee for 6 months and lived in Oklahoma for 2 months. Short resident trips yet long stories.

6. Although this random fact has been posted before I can't get more random then being able to move my ears. Yes that's right and there is a video to see this happening here.

7. I love to travel! Long distance, short distance, it doesn't matter. I have visited 12 states more then once each and would love to visit all 50. Want to take a quick road trip? I'm game. I fly places although I hate flying.

8. When I was little I also used to model for Dillard's. Another embarrassing photo of me walking the runway setup outside of Dillard's Department store within the mall.

9. I got married after only knowing the man for four weeks! Although it lasted three years I am guessing that is one reason he is my ex-husband now. The things we do when we're 18yo!

10. The pets/animals I've owned: {not at the same time} two snakes, two bunnies, Chinchilla, cats, dogs, fish, hamster, guinea pig, hermit crabs, turtles and mice to feed the snakes. I also used to spend a lot of time with my sister's wolf and sugar gliders, years back.

11. For a couple of years {before Gabby started having problems} I was a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters and was a Big Sister to a teenage mom. I love being a mentor and have a very strong passion for it.

12. Throughout all of school years I used to love drawing cartoon characters. This one I haven't done in a while but my parents still have some framed in their house, unfortunately I don't have one to scan to display a photo. My daughter has recently asked me to draw her some Looney Toon characters so once that is complete I will post a photo.

13. I am a huge One Tree Hill fan. I love that show and don't miss it. I own all the previous seasons on DVD. I also am really bad about searching out spoilers online b/c I can't wait to know what's going to happen next. Such a cheater, I know...

14. I collect magnets. The front of my refrigerator is covered in them and I make sure to pick one up from every new location. I also enjoy receiving them from friends and family who travel to new places. {hint, hint}

15. I used to be on the YMCA swim team. I tried finding a photo to attach but apparently they are all at my parent's house. Again this was before high school days.

16. Now this is the final random fact. I love to bite and some {jokingly} believe I must have cannibal ancestors. Now before you go start thinking all dirty, this isn't just a sexual thing. I see my baby's fat cheeks and not only want to squeeze them like most people but I want to nibble them off. LOL {put down the phone and don't call CPS} I don't really hurt my children or bring blood or even bruise them. But haven't you ever had the desire to just nibble on your kids? Like the old saying "so cute I could just eat 'em up." Now if I am dating you, on the other hand, watch out. You could just be standing there and I will walk across the room to bite the shit out of you because it feels good. I do want to note I have never brought blood or felt the desire to taste blood on my victims. I am very affectionate, love to cuddle, squeeze and well... bite.


BrandyEllen said...

I can relate to many of your random facts, and thank you for sharing a photo of you as a child, so cute!! You do not like to fly but you do? I am scared to death of flying and prefer driving cross country, so always tell hubby if we go somewhere I will drive he can fly! LOL Love the random facts!! Thanks for sharing! ((HUGS))

Mrs4444 said...

That dog story; wow. How terrifying for you! I hope your cousin still feels guilty!

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