Friday, January 9, 2009

Fitness Friday

Week One of the Wii Fit Mommies Challenge is complete. I must say I believe I did fairly good for the first week. To go from not working out at all to almost working out daily is a success for me. My last update was on the 1st with me creating my Mii and I worked out for over 30 minutes. On January 2nd I took my daughter to Six Flags and we walked around for four hours, therefore I did not make it on the Wii that night. Needless to say I was exhausted by the time I got home. I did find the option to log time for exercise outside of the Wii system. It even gives you the options of different types of exercises. I logged only two hours of walking for that day since I figured we stood in lines for rides and ate lunch during the four hours we were there. The only other day I missed any workout time was on Wednesday after spending the day at doctor appointments with my daughter, we had a total of three appts. that lasted until 7 PM. So, yes I decided to be lazy on Wednesday.

In my vlog you will see my weekly Wii Fit log, showing all my credits to activity. I also show my weight at this current time which if you would like you can go back and compare from my first update.

{MommaDJane's vlog}

Now you all know I absolutely LOVE the Wii Fit for myself! But did you know that I also love using it for my daughter? Gab had a stroke in utero and was born with Cerebral Palsy because of it. She has right-sided weakness in her body and goes through physical and occupational therapy twice a week. I think the Wii Fit is a great way to help her build strength and learn balance. It also gives her a FUN way to do her exercise and therapy at home instead of boring stretches like with her therapists. {No offense therapists} The Wii Fit gives options to really help all ages and be able to use the program to meet your own needs in an exciting environment where you don't even realize you are working out.

{Gab's vlog}


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

What an absolutely inspiring way to make use of your Wii Fit! It's wonderful to see such a great game being used to get both mother and daughter healthy! Thanks for being our Featured Fitness Friday writer this week!

Cynthia - said...

How great to see your little one on the balance board.

One woman commented on my blog that her mother was using the Wii Fit in physical therapy!

That's so cool...I've got to get my son to do the balance games more. Right now, there's too much Wii Lego Star Wars being played at my house! But my boy knows how to use the force! LOL

Lindsey said...

That is so awesome that she can use that to help with her balance! And she's great at the balancing game - that's one of my least favorite, lol. I do like the tightrope walking, though.

Great post!

Colleen said...

Keep up the good work. I posted about your post. My blog is geered towards special needs/disabilites, having 2 special needs children...So I wanted to show your blog about your daughter using the Wii fit!

BrandyEllen said...

I love that you and your daughter can benefit from the Wii Fit, who would have thought of using it for physical therapy and in a more relaxing environment - your home! Kudos to you MOM!

Eric and Michelle said...

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Cynthia - said...

Here's an award for your fabulous blog:

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