Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Braces Removal and Non-Hernia

This morning while sitting in the dentist office awaiting the removal of my braces, I was nervous. At first I couldn't understand why I would be so nervous, considering this was the day I had been longing, for four years! After wearing braces on your teeth for so long it becomes a part of you, a part of your identity. I think I was a little nervous I would have those decay spots on my teeth that would never go away. You know those horror stories you hear about what can happen when you wear braces? Although I knew I had taken care of my teeth I knew that the natural discoloring had happened over the four years and I was scared to see the comparison underneath the metal brackets. I am sure there was a part of me that was scared it would hurt to have these metal brackets popped off my teeth as well {which it did a little}. There was also a big part of me that was scared my teeth wouldn't be just right after they removed the braces. Like maybe they would mess up or shift or .... I think you get the point. I was just full of fear and it hit me all this morning.
Then they finished.
I can now admit I am so excited!

Watch this:

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Well enough about me. Like the title says, this day was more than just having braces removed. It was the day we took Gab to the surgeon to find out what the next step was with her hernia.

Quick recap: Gab has been having stomach problems for a while, complaining of her stomach hurting, etc. The pains have began to affect her daily life. They started as 'tummy aches' and now have turned into pains that literally prevented her from going to Six Flags one day. The pains will come and go; few days in pain, few days without complaining. This has gone on for months. Due to Gab's disabilities she is on several medications so for the most part I had always chalked it up to med issues. Once it started keeping her from doing the things she loves and hurting her when she moves, I became alarmed. After running blood tests and putting her through an Ultrasound, the Pediatrician informed me she had a hernia {which lead us to surgeon}.

Now today at the surgeon's office, he placed Gab in every angle you could imagine. He leaned her back, he laid her down, he stood her up, he bent and twisted her. He could not find any signs of a hernia. Gab did complain of some pains but nothing as strong as she has suffered. Of course this didn't surprise me because like I mentioned, the pains have come and gone. The end results today where both positive and negative. The positive result is: no surgery to fix a hernia. The negative result is: we still have no clue what the problem is or how to fix it. The surgeon said he was going to type up a letter to her Pediatrician to inform her that Gab does not have a hernia or that if Gab does have a hernia it is too small to worry with and would not be causing these kind of pains. He also told me from his medical point of view he thought with the medication Gab is on and the brain surgery she has gone through that he wasn't surprised if it could all be causing pains. He said he could imagine that some of it could be neurological. Therefore now we just monitor her and stay in contact with her doctor. I will also be following up with her Neurologist to see what he thinks. Of course I am happy she doesn't have to go through another surgery but it just stinks that we don't have a fix yet. I hate seeing her in pain.

Thank you to everyone who sent prayers our way, we really appreciate it! It is so nice to know there are so many great people out there who offer support, even if it is through the internet. It is wonderful being able to network with each and every one of you!


daddy bookins said...

Looks great! Congrats!! Four years is a long time! I bet you are happy!

Therese said...

Your teeth look great! I am glad she does not have to go through another surgery, but I know how the inconsistencies that come from doctors can be annoying, at least they are to me. :-)

BrandyEllen said...

Look at those beautiful teeth girl!!! I wonder how it feels now, weird waking up for the first time without them?

I am happy to hear about Gab, I hope that there is nothing wrong with her, I know u said she was complaining I remember when you called me that morning and I too checked my tummy and daughters tummy! LOL

I hope she will be ok and nothing is wrong with her tummy!


Christie-A Work In Progress said...


Jenn said...

Fabulous teeth!!

So sorry you don't have an answer about Gab's tummy pain...but sooo glad that there is no surgery involved!! *Whew*

I have a bloggy award for you! You can pick it up over at my blog:

So happy to have you in my list of must reads now :)

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