Friday, January 23, 2009

Fitness Friday

Last week I had been a real slacker when it came to the Wii Fit. I honestly can't say much about this week either. Two days worth of working out is not reaching my goal. I knew I didn't expect myself to exercise daily {although I would like to} but I do want to exercise at least every other day. Last week I also mentioned taking on the hula hoop challenge. So for this Fitness Friday post I am showing a photo of my scores doing the Super Hula Hoop for 3 minutes.

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Do you do the hula hoop also? What are your scores? How many spins can you get up to within three minutes?


Jenn said...

Good job on the hula hoop! I've been trying to get going on the Super Hoola Hoop...I can get a strong 995 on the right...slightly lower on the left..that second 3 minutes KILLS ME...I have to take a break in between. My goal for this week is to break 2000. *gulp*

At least we are doing this, right? I'm eating my words to you from last week as I missed 4 days in a row this week and it feels lousy LOL

Keep on keeping on!

BrandyEllen said...

omg - seriously doubt I could ever do that hula hoop workout! U ROCK GIRL! Oh and if you see a Wii for cheap or FREE please think of me! lol

Hubby and I were talking and a Wii with Wii Fit would so benefit the whole family!

Plus I could do fitness Friday to get motivation from all you girls!


Colleen said...

ugghh hoola hoop. I do it everytime I work out! I just went up to the 10 minute super hoola hoop last night! I wasnt sure I was going to make it...I almost dropped one within the very last minute. I am not sure what my score is...I will have to go check later and get back to you.

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

ooh, I'm not sure what my scores are but I'll have to take a look and let you know today! We have a fun forum hunt contest starting monday so come check it out!

Terra said...

I have not tried the hoola hoop yet but love the run and the ski jump...I want to love the yoga but it so cumersome to get through...

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