Monday, January 5, 2009

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade

I am so excited that I was recently blessed with this blog award thanks to Erin over at From Son Up To Son Down.

The purpose of this award is to give it to someone who is showing gratitude or good attitude "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade." This award fits perfect with the current situation going on with my daughter, Gab. After our recent news we are trying to just 'make lemonade'.

Now the rules say you must link back to the person who awarded you and add the award logo to your blog. Then you must pass on the lemonade award to ten people who express gratitude or good attitude within their life and/or blog.

Ten Recipients Below {in no particular order}

1. Brandy at Writings of a WAHM, she is a mother of three little ones ages 6 and under, including two in diapers. While the economy hurts everyone right now, Brandy still manages to stay positive, work hard from home and find time to blog at not only one blog but TWO including one that is designed to help others: Ask Brandy.

2. Jyl at Mommy Gossip, takes time to raise her own family while being positive and encouraging to others through #GNO via twitter. Even though she is super busy with MomItForward she still takes time out for others and trust me I know. Outside of twitter and blogger, Jyl has personally been supportive while I was having a hard time with my daughter's results. She took time to show she cared!

3. Claire at Single Mom Meltdown is a disabled mother, working hard to not only care for herself but her darling daughter as well. Did I mention she is SINGLE? It's a tough enough road being a single parent but working hard from home to make ends meet is even more difficult. She blogs and is trying to just 'make lemonade'.

4. Dannie at The Brunette Blog is a Jill of all trades. Here is just some of the things she does. While working a full time job, raising a family and networking online while starting her own non-profit company she remains positive and helpful to others. She has even reached out her hand to me and my family as a way of being a support system to us!

5. Janine at Twofer The Price of One is a mother of 5yo twins, need I say more?! I am impressed by the fact her twins can read, write and draw very cute pictures and just the fact she raised two babies at the same time!

6. Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time has a great attitude all around! Even though she was raised in a home with an alcoholic father and recently suffered a great loss she still takes the time out to award her blogger friends with virtual gifts including well wishes for health to MY family!
{Last time I blessed Mrs. 4444 with an award she forced me to do a Stupid Human Trick, which I believe is worth passing on a second!}

7. Katja at Skimbaco Lifestyle is a very positive woman! This post pretty much sums up her 2008 with the loss of her baby, the loss of her family pet, becoming a Walmart 11Mom, moving to a new state and yet continuing to blog and run a business. No matter the lemons she was dealt she continued to make lemonade!

8. Julie at Cool Mom Guide is a very positive and inspirational person. Her story about losing 60 pounds using the Wii Fit and now created the Wii Fit Mommies to help encourage other moms to stay fit while using their Wii! I think that is enough good attitude to deserve an award.

9. Misty from The Johnson Family is a wonderful wife and mother. I think she is probably the most involved mother with her daughter's school PTA and blogs about life. She is a stay-at-home mother and a good one at that. I believe she demonstrates gratitude on her blog and in life!

10. Teri, Johnathon's mother blogs his updates on his Care Page daily {sometimes more than once a day} about his progress dealing with cancer at the age of 3. The doctor's found a tumor on Johnathon's brain the same week he turned 3 years old. While Teri watches her son go through chemo and all the downfalls from it she stays strong and positive. I only wish there was more I could give besides prayers and this award! No matter what lemons her family has been dealt she manages to make lemonade and even try to help others through Johnathon's Rainbow Road Project. What a wonderful woman!

Now Erin with From Son Up to Son Down also tagged me as part of this award to list 16 random things about myself. Since it took so long to write this post I think I will save the 16 facts for a later date! But check back often b/c I do plan to write them soon and you won't want to miss that!


Brandy said...

Oh hun I am so honored that you choose me as one of the ten for the award. I thank you so much for thinking of me and look forward to helping others no matter what. ((HUGS))

Tee Baby said...

Way to go awardees! Keep the lemonade flowing!

Kristin said...

I see katja's on the list so true! This award is fabulous well deserved ladies!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Oh, you rascal, you! Thank you so much!!!

Claire said...

Thank you so much!!!!

Janine (@twincident) said...

Thanks for the award! I will admit the lemonade I make a little tart, but I blame that on my twins having more spice than sugar in them these days :).

You are an inspiration though as well as the other award winners. I'm in good company...too good for the likes of me. Ha! Thanks again!

The Johnson Family said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me, it brought tears to my eyes. I want you to know that I respect you as a mother, woman, and as a friend so much. You are an amazing woman, and I admire you so much. You truly do take lemons and make lemonade!!

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