Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Toot

For this week's Toot I am making an announcement. I finally stepped outside of just my blog and twitter and have finally joined some other social media sites. I recently joined 12seconds.tv and have created a couple of short films. That site is really fun and I plan to update more often. I like trying to see what I can fit into 12 seconds of recording. I also joined Facebook, yes I know you are thinking, FINALLY. So now all my readers have a little homework to do... Go check out my two new sites and add me as your friend if you are a member of the sites. Let me know what you think of my 12seconds of fame. I also posted a cute one of Noah. Don't laugh at my simple profile on Facebook because I am still learning. I also joined LinkedIn which I haven't done much with either but working on it. Making a lot of changes and branching out to network with new people. I am very excited about all this and love meeting new people.
So toot-toot!


Storm said...

Congratulations on all the socialization.

I am wa-a-ay behind because I am not a member of any of the ones you listed. : )

BrandyEllen said...

Looking forward to connecting with you at all those sites, I am already connected with you at Facebook, twitter and linked in just got my computer set up for vlogging so I will be connecting with you on the tv site too!

Chat with you later,

Pamela Kramer said...

OK - I added you on Facebook! It's pretty crazy over there. Glad to see you are spreading your wings.

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