Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday Toot

It sure has been a long time since I wrote a Tuesday Toot! I even had to go back and look to see when the last one was written and it was on October 28, '08!
So for those of you who don't know what a Tuesday Toot is, it is where you toot your own horn. Most parents spend their time bragging about their children's accomplishments and forget to take a moment to acknowledge what THEY have done, themselves. With the new plan of blogging daily I hope to continue with the Tuesday Toot weekly b/c I think it is healthy to be proud of yourself!

For this week's tootin' I am just proud of myself for surviving the holidays! That is not only surviving the kids home from school every day for over TWO weeks but I also survived my family coming in town and staying at my house. Oh and did I mention they brought their dogs, who stayed indoors? Now don't get me wrong, I am not dog bashing or even family bashing. I love my family and they love their dogs. I knew their dogs were coming before hand and they did ask my permission. Their dogs are potty trained to go on pet pads they lay out on the floor within certain rooms of their house. The dogs will also go in the yard if they happen to be outdoors but will only use the pads if they are in the house {not go to the door}. Of course let me clear this up, the dogs will do this at their house. At my house... well that's a different story. The dogs felt the need to piss on 'bless' {yes, that's the word we'll go with} my carpet in every room about three times a day. The first 'blessing' took place within five minutes of entering my home after getting out of their crates in the car and stretching their legs while 'blessing' my lawn. Do dogs really pee two times within five minutes? So the first night I thought, it's okay, it's a new home and they must not realize where their pads are and maybe they just want to mark their territory once. Ha, ha, did I say once? I wish! After about 4 days I was ready to pull my hair out. If you have read any of my past posts you probably know I am very open to admit I already stress easy. But thinking of walking around on my carpet barefoot that a dog is 'blessing' all over, drove me nuts! The first day I actually tried shampooing the spots right away. After that we just cleaned it up by hand and waited the week out. Now the carpets have all been shampooed with pet odor control shampoo and my house is back to normal. I also am proud of myself for not getting upset once in front of my family. Nope, I walked away and worked really hard to just enjoy my time with my family. Although as sad as it might sound, from now on I would have to say no if I was asked again. Is that wrong?

The kids were also being extra 'special' this week. I guess they are bored being home for so long and must be ready to get back to school! Noah felt the need to turn his room upside down at least three times a day and Gab was defiant. T just got in the routine of staying up late and sleeping most the day and enjoying how lazy life can be for an 11yo on break. I will give her credit for helping me after I felt like I was 'pulling teeth' to get her moving, LOL. :)

But... I survived! Toot - Toot


Therese said...

I love the idea of the Tuesday blogs where you can toot your own horn. Just putting yourself in that mind frame to think about what you have accomplished and to pat yourself on the back is much needed. I think it is hard to do with everything that us mothers have going on.

I am glad you survived the holidays, I totally understand. I was feeling like I should feel guilty for not being able to wait till this morning when my girls would return to school. Needless to say I treasure every moment with them, but it was like they were on a sugar high their entire time home.

I enjoyed this blog, now I am going to go reflect on what I have accomplished, thanks. :-)

Is your cold still lingering?

Shannanb aka Mommy Bits said...

Congrats on Surviving the holidays. It was a crazy (read: insane) time of year!!!


PS. Did I see you're going to BlissDom? Found your site through Twitter.

Brandy said...

Wow! I thought my holiday week was rough. Look at the bright side at least it was dog not cat pee *wink*. I am so happy to hear you survived and love your comical point of view to the whole situation. Very well written. I am thinking toot Tuesday is great, wonder if I should do it as well? I am better at being proud of others than myself though...great way to get into practice! ttyl

MamaHeartsBaby said...

Love Tuesday Toots! I totally think we need to give ourselves more credit! Thanks for joining Monday Momisms!

Brandy said...

So u have Tuesday Toot.. I decided to do Tue in Diapers Tuesday..hope u like it: http://mommybeewahm.blogspot.com/2009/01/tue-in-diapers-tuesday.html

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

That's awesome. Ha. I hear Toot and I think of farts, my MIL always asks my kid if he tooted. So not relevant to your post.

Tee Baby said...

Bless you!

Mother, my aunt, my uncle and I visited my aunt in New York, and it took her two days to recover after we left! And we didn't even have pets!

Tooting about one's accomplishment is such a neat idea! Mother brags about me all the time, I hardly have anything to say about myself, but I know she can be saying a lot about herself. I will be selling her this idea. Thanks for sharing

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