Thursday, January 15, 2009

Am I Blessed or What?!

Not even two weeks ago I was given the Lemonade Award and now I have been given TWO more blog awards! How great is that? The Wii Fit Mommies have passed on these two awards to me. I feel so honored to get so much recognition lately.

butterfly, award, blog award
fabulous, award, blog award
Rules state that I must link back to who gave me the award and pass on to ten others.

Amazing women who have shown me support that I believe deserve these awards! I am linking to their twitter address and their blog address because lately I have used twitter to interact with people more then just their blog. I hope you get a chance to enjoy these women as much as I have!

@JessicaKnows Jessica from Jessica Knows
@ToThink Arianne from To Think Is To Create
@princesstimetoy Connie at Princess Time Toys
@cynchrys Cindy from Streamside Farm
@tpompa Terri from QHealth Beauty
@rbuscemi Rebecca from Creative Virtual Office
@chatterboxcgc Christie from My Life a Work in Progress
@brandyellen Brandy from Writings of a WAHM

Some blogs I just adore!

@wiseyoungmommy Petra at The Wise Young Mommy
@tenakim Tena from My Therapy

I know there are many more and wish I could add them all...


BrandyEllen said...

Awww...that is so sweet thank you! I was going to give you these awards too this weekend. Too funny! Well I guess you can get it two times huh, it's even more fun that way and it's great to get awards. I am so thankful that we are friends and I am very thankful you thought of me for the award! ((HUGS))

Mrs4444 said...

I LOVE that "Fabulous" award! Congratulations :)

Therese said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, that is so nice. I did not see this post, if I did I surely would of thanked you right away!

How do you give these blog awards away? Is this something I should know already :-)

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