Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Heart Faces - Kids Contest

There is a cool new website called I Heart Faces and I have decided to join their weekly contest. The way you enter is pick a category and display a photo with a face from that category. I selected the Kids category and here is my photo.

This is the first face photo I received of my son. I know at times these sonogram photos can be hard to see. It is his side profile and looks as if his thumb is in his mouth. So adorable! I feel in love with my son before I even gave birth and being able to see a 3D photo of him was priceless.



Colleen said...

That is an awesome sonogram picture...I can totally see why you fell in love!

BrandyEllen said...

Wow cute! I never got a 3D photo, so real! Nice post hun! I finally wrote my blog post for today too!!! Chat with you later!

Tee Baby said...

This is a priceless picture - hits you in the stomach! I can't image feeling anything other than love for the baby and awe for the concept of being able to be a mother!

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