Saturday, January 24, 2009


As most of you may know I am pursuing my college degree. I am enrolled with University of Phoenix taking their online courses and I must admit that my student loans are piling up. One of my classmates was recently talking about how they literally get paid to go to school. He said he applied for enough scholarships that his college expense is covered plus extra to live on. My professor thought it would be a good idea if we all took time to apply for at least one scholarship so she actually created this as an assignment. Although this was an easy A to receive just by completion of assignment I also thought this was a great way to get motivated to continue on the search. Hearing this classmate's story I am determined to find some extra money laying around out there to help cover my expense. I took the free online scholarship search and plan to apply for as many as I can. Some companies require essays where some only require you to fill out a form. I have ran across several that are scholarships towards next semester but I can promise that it is not too early to start. My goal is to try and apply for at least one new scholarship each month. The online search also let me know the deadlines for each scholarship so I can stay organized.

I hear many women talk about getting sponsors for conferences and I thought in a way a scholarship is the same. Why not apply for the money available to sponsor me through college? {By the way, I am searching for a sponsor for BlogHer}

Do you know someone in college? Are you in college? Have a scholarship success story to tell? Share with me... Also apply for your own scholarships or refer someone to do the same.


Petula said...

Good luck with college. My teenager will be going to college in the Fall and we are applying too.

BTW: Don't forget about your Vision Board. :D

BrandyEllen said...

Gosh I wish I had thought about this with my college bills piling high. I do have financial aid but it only covers about $3000 or so each semester of classes. So I have over $12,000 in loans and umm ... well yeah I still have at least a year more to go!

Good luck girl and thanks for this post as i am sure it will help many others too!

Sonja Cassella said...

My daughters both received scholarships to attend private colleges, TCU & Furman. Basically, you have to demonstrate financial need plus good grades and test scores, and fill out the FAFSA. Commercial universities like U of P don't generally give as big a scholarship, because they lack an endowment.

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