Thursday, January 8, 2009

Introduction to Lilly

Today I am introducing our new family pet, Lilly. About a week before Christmas we adopted Lilly from a couple moving to New York who were unable to keep her. Lilly is about two years old and the perfect dog for us. To be honest, I will be the first to admit I am not much of a dog person. Gab has wanted a dog for a long time and over the summer we did decide on one. Once we purchased the dog from a breeder and got it home within two days we realized it had parvo. The vet said to play it safe we shouldn't have another dog in the apartment for at least six months since parvo is so deadly and highly contagious. Now that we have moved to a house we were able to start looking again. When Gab came to me and informed me she was asking Santa for a Chihuahua, I thought... guess I better search. I was nervous because I didn't know how I was going to tell her we couldn't get a puppy. Trying to potty train a dog is just not in my cards. I have tried it and wasn't successful. Plus with all of Gab's doctor appts and our running around I don't think we are home enough to potty train a dog.

Thank goodness I found Lilly. She is grown and fully trained! She loves to go on car rides therefore she rides with me every morning and afternoon to the kids' school. She loves to sleep with us and literally follows us around. The kids can dress her up a million times and she won't complain. My favorite part is the fact she goes outside to potty! I never thought I could like a dog so much as I do her. I already baby her a ton! She is very spoiled {to say the least}.

I used SmileBox to create digital scrapbook slideshows for you to see our newest addition. I just LOVE SmileBox and signed up for a FREE account. The below slideshows were absolutely free and the luxury is I can email them to friends/family or post them in my blogs. What better way to show photos then just uploading them in plain view?!

{New Family Pet}
Click to play Intro to Lilly

{Bath Time}
Click to play Lilly

Now after I created Lilly's slideshows I noticed I have never done an introduction for Miso, my beloved Cat. I am a total cat fan and not only because he is low maintenance by keeping himself clean but b/c he is so soft and lovable! So here are a few pics of him. {We adopted Miso from PetSmart in October, he is now 8months old}

Click to play Miso

Don't forget to check out SmileBox for great e-cards or invitations too! You can even print the scrapbook pages or e-cards you create to mail out too. I love it!


Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Aw, she is so cute! My kitty's name was Lilly, but she got hit by a car last year :( I miss her a lot.

Cute puppy you have there though!

Brandy said...

Awwww.....sooooo cute!! Love this post!!!

Seth Simonds said...

What a cute dog!

Perhaps because he grew up at an animal hospital, perhaps for another reason, my father didn't allow us to have pets as kids unless they lived outside. Dogs weren't allowed, neither were cats.

So we had goats and rabbits.

Our mother didn't mind them being in the house so long as they didn't make a mess. We found a solution.

Imagine our visitors' surprised upon being greeted by goats and rabbits, happily playing with us indoors...wearing pampers.

I'm so glad you've found a dog that makes everybody in your house happy!

Best to you and thanks for the memory!


Kristin said...

She's adorable :) She so much like my chihuahua Thumbelina. I ended up re-homing her about 10months ago because I couldn't take her where I was moving. I've got a real soft spot for a chihuahua (I still have my male). They are so precious and yet just like having a forever 2yr old running around your house lol. Yay for Chihuahuas :) Congrats on your new pet :).

Brandy said...

I just HAD to show Aedan today the smilebox of your kitty as he LOVES animals...he called your kitty "baby spaz" which is our kittens name so apparently he thinks all cats are "our cat" how cute! He loved the slide show of your kitty! Your kitty is adorable, doggy is too, I am not one for lil doggies but she is adorable!

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