Friday, January 2, 2009

Fitness Friday

Day 1 of my New Year Challenge as being a Wii Fit Mommy!
I created a vlog for you to see my process of starting all over. I first received my Wii Fit in July and have LOVED it. I used it a lot in the beginning and then with my recent move, holidays and busy life I got side-tracked. When Wii Fit Mommies was created I loved the idea of New Year, New You. Plus it is a great forum to interact with other moms who have the same goals {to become fit}. I especially like it because this is my way of holding myself accountable to stay on track with exercising. What better way to exercise than with a fun Wii Fit and support system of other blogging mommies?! So now I have started fresh, from scratch and even created my whole Mii again. You will see in the video my process of weighing in, balance test and Wii Fit Age!

To be honest I don't believe I am less than 100 pounds. I know I am short and little but need to shape up and exercise more. I have a petite frame but would love to thin out the middle. Have never completely felt confident since my c-section with my son who is now two. I would love this year to become healthier and firmer.
Here's to a New Year and New Me! {Planning to SHINE in 2009}


Jenn said...

Great job!!
Your balance is so impressive...and I'm talking about balancing on the board, holding a camera and the Wii Remote at the same time!! LOL

Keep up the good work!!

Brandy said...

Wow! I want a WII fit so I can do this with you! LOL What a great job you are doing - I will be reading & watching your progress - YOU CAN DO THIS!

Liza's Eyeview said...

Aloha. Thanks for your comment and visit. I am getting ready to do my Wii Fit Yoga this morning - just stopped by to say "hi" and leave my "wii Fit Mama" encouragement and support. We can do it all together - yeah!

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

Very impressive! And very inspiring... ;) Thanks for sharing! :)

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

You did such a great job! The Wii Fit age is based on balance for that test I've noticed. I've had days I was 50 and days I was 29. I can't wait to get going and kick off this year with you, wonderful vlog!!!

Lindsey said...

Great job vlogging! That had to be a challenge balancing all that at once, lol.

Following you now!

Lindsey said...

"My codependency needs you to follow"


Crystal Raen said...

Everytime I go to the store there are NO Wii-fits in stock :-( I want one soooooooooo bad!

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