Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Toot

Last night I took my oldest to the Open House at the 6th grade school. T will be attending 6th grade in the fall and here the school is separate, one building for only 6th graders. We got to tour the school and listen to the PTA talk, Principal tell all about their programs, electives and introduce the teachers. Yes, it was brutally boring! We did enjoy our tour though... T was really excited to see the two-story school and how big it is. They also teach foreign language there which is very exciting for her as well since she wants to learn French. I took French in school but can hardly say two words now, LOL. Maybe I'll re-learn with her.

So going to this school last night and sitting next to my daughter with her friends, who I might add are all the same size as me, was enlightening {if that's the right word}. It just dawned on me, I was sitting next to a 'little me'. I was in awe. I mean I know I had her young but it was like it just hit me that I am a mother of a pre-teen. She is going to be 12 years old this year! Have you ever had that moment, where you just sit back and say... WOW, this is my life! Well I have had those moments a few times lately when it comes to T. Even though I am the one who has raised her for 11.5 years it is almost like I am in shock that I have a child this age. I know, I know... I'm not old enough to have a kid who is going to turn 12, I know I was too young. Trust me, I've heard it all. But this leads to today's toot.

So for today's Tuesday Toot I want to toot my own horn that I am proud of myself. Although I was way too young, I did it! T does well in school, a great helper with her younger siblings and full of love! I don't think I could have done a better job. She is a good friend, good student and wonderful sister/daughter!

Toot Toot for me at making it as a mom!


BrandyEllen said...

Congrats to you! Sounds like you raise a fine young lady. I know one day I will be sitting next to Ki thinking the same thing - wow - a mini-me!!! Thanks for this post, I love it!

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