Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twitter Party and Giveaway

Amy from Resourceful Mommy is having yet another fabulous twitter party. She is SiteWarming Crafty Nation and don't forget the hashtag #crafty during the party. It starts at 8:00PM CST. Hope to see you there. Watch my vlog to see why I am so excited!

Don't forget to go sign up to win the prizes at Resourceful Mommy.


Kim said...

Hi DJane! I'll be there! I'm one of the panelists - should be a ton of fun! It was fun chatting tonight. Your blog is great!!


BrandyEllen said...

Hey girl I hope to be at the party I am just as excited as you are!!

Your vlog rocks!


Party Planning Professor said...

Hey DJane!!! Thanks for helping me today!!! You are awesome!!! Did I tell you that I like your dress in your picture??? I think I have the same one

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