Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bloggy Bling!

I have been given two more awards this week for my blog. I love being thought of and receiving awards {even if they are work}. For both of these awards they came with rules of writing about myself. The first one says you must list six things that make you happy and the second award rules say you must list ten honest things about yourself. Since I recently wrote 16 random facts about myself {which happen to all be true} I thought I would combine these two awards and just list ten honest things that make me happy. How is that for bending the rules?

For starters, here are the awards and who was so nice to pass them on to me.
From Cynthia at Good Enough Witch I received:
hooked on your blog award, bloggy bling, blog award
From Jenn at The Coupon Coup I received:
honest scrap award, bloggy bling, blog award

Now to try and follow the rules by listing 10 honest things that make me happy.
1. I love cuddling with my kids. I am a very affectionate person in general but I am a sucker for a child who wants to sit in my lap or sleep right next to me.

2. I love networking on the computer via twitter and blogs. I have become a social media addict. I am honestly closer to my blog buddies then I am to my real life friends. Go figure...

3. I love taking photos. I always carry a camera and most the time I have my FLIP ready to capture short film.

4. Although I feel cheesy doing it, I have actually developed a love for vlogging.

5. I love to travel. Short trips or long trips, doesn't matter... I just love a getaway, especially to see a new place.

6. I love watching movies. I don't love all movies but I do enjoy drama, most comedy, most action and some suspense.

7. I love live music. I love listening to music in general but listening to music live is the best, especially all acoustic.

8. I love to dance. I am usually shy at first but truly have a love for dance.

9. I love to host dinner parties or cook outs. I love having company over for the day.

10. Even though I am high strung I love to relax. I am a romantic who would rather have a relaxing getaway to the mountains or stay indoors for a candlelight dinner, than paint the town.

Now to pass these awards on to others. I am going to bend the rules a little again. Don't hate me! The first set of rules said to pass the award on to five people and the second award didn't have a limit. So I am going to pass both of these awards on to the same five people. I figured if they are receiving an award from me then I must be hooked on their blog and would always love to hear more honest 'scrap' about them.
So here it goes:

1. iHeartFaces
2. Writings of a WAHM
3. Baby Tee
4. The Wise Young Mommy
5. An Ordinary Life


BrandyEllen said...

THANKS girl for the awards. I am honored. I will write on Wednesday as I am planning on a toot tuesday. Oh yeah and you linked to my "new" blog that is not 'ready' yet. is my URL that will re-direct to my new blogspot url when it's ready..

Gosh - I am too to u later girl

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